Non-Toxic Degreaser Recipe

Non-Toxic Degreaser Recipe

Non-toxic Degreaser Recipe

Interested in a non-toxic degreaser recipe that is perfect for your kitchen cabinets?

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets is already a difficult task, but worst of all is that most of the common degreasing cleaning products sold today are highly toxic.

Not looking forward to using chemicals, that cause you to get light headed and gasp for fresh air? We have a non-toxic degreasing solution that happens to be a very good degreaser.


To make it, you will need the following ingredients:


2 teaspoons of baking soda

2 Tablespoons of Borax

1 teaspoon of liquid Castile soap (we recommend citrus)

10 drops of lemon essential oil

4 cups of hot water.

A Spray bottle

2 cleaning rags


The first ingredient is one of our absolute favorites! It’s a great, non-toxic cleaning product and versatile to use in multiple solutions. Check out our other blog entries to see for yourself. The remaining ingredients are borax, liquid Castile soap, lemon essential oil, and hot water. Simple ingredients that you can buy at your local grocery store or may already have in your home! Once you have all of your ingredients, its time to make your solution.


Making it is a breeze with the following instructions. Add the hot water to your spray bottle. Put the teaspoon of  Castile soap in the hot water. Let it dissolve. DO NOT ADD MORE THAN A TEASPOON. Castile soap goes a long way. Next, add the borax and baking soda and let them completely dissolve. Last but not least, add the 10 drops of lemon oil. Voila, you are ready to degrease!


Next time you are thinking of degreasing your kitchen, give this non-toxic degreaser a try. Should task seem too difficult for you, just give your local eco-friendly cleaners a call instead. And remember, Stay Green!

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