Spring Cleaning: Room By Room Checklist

Spring Cleaning: Room By Room Checklist


spring cleaning checklist


Spring Cleaning time is here! Are you ready to clean your home but not sure where to start?  This simple, room by room checklist will definitely help!

Don’t have the time/energy to tackle your spring cleaning all in one day? No worries. Do one room per day and you’ll be ready to enjoy your clean home by the weekend.

The first room I like to start with when doing a Spring cleaning in my home is the Kitchen. Yes, I like to tackle the hardest problem first! Think about it. When you first start your Spring cleaning is when you have the most energy and motivation. Why not channel that energy and motivation into your hardest task? Exactly! With our handy checklist by your side, you’ll tackle the basics such as your appliances, counters, sink, and floors, while not forgetting the smaller details such as washing your kitchen towels and organizing your pantry and storage containers. This a great time to throw out any expired foods (cans, condiments, dressings, frozen meats, etc.) as well as containers you don’t normally use or have lost the lid/bottom to.

Still feeling the Spring cleaning spirit? Head to the bathroom next! Cover your basics (tub/shower, toilet, sink, mirror, and floors) but start with throwing your bath rugs and towels, etc. to wash meanwhile you clean. At least I like to know I’m multitasking and using my limited time wisely! To complete your bathroom Spring Cleaning, go through your drawers and medicine cabinet throwing out any expired medicine, supplement, lotion, make up, etc.

Next, head to your living room. Why? You want to complete the main living areas before you run out of steam. When cleaning my home, I like to do a lot of the basic cleaning, such as dusting, polishing furniture, and vacuuming. Initially though, I try to focus on the somewhat forgotten tasks, such as sweeping under the furniture, organizing your media cabinet/storage, and if needed, washing the drapes. Again, the drapes can go in the wash while you clean.

By now, you should be feeling pretty accomplished and will surely be noticing a “make over” in your home. It’s perfectly okay to stop here, but if you are like me, you will definitely want to finish your to do list and tidy up your room! As before, I like to begin to tackle each room by throwing the bedding/drapes into the wash. Which is the perfect time to flip your mattress and clean under your bed! The main Spring Cleaning chore left for you to do is declutter and organize your closet. Again, good time as any to get rid of any clothes that you outgrew in size and style. Of course, it’s up to you to what level of decluttering you take this!

Finally, for those of you REAL Spring Cleaning enthusiasts, there’s the bonus round. You can tackle these chores in your room by room schedule, or set the final day for this. Go wild! Spot clean the walls, scrub the baseboards, give your windows, frames and sill a good wipe down, and don’t forget your ceiling fans (if you have them)! Even better is to do this entire process while ventilating and deodorizing each room. Nothing like enjoying your nice Spring day with clean home that smells like a breezy garden!

Didn’t make it this far? Don’t have the time and energy for it? Don’t feel bad. Just give your local cleaning experts a call to schedule an appointment so they can finish where you left off, or do it all while you enjoy a much needed spa day! We don’t judge.


Feel free to check out our previous blog posts for green cleaning tips to use while using our handy guide. And remember, Stay Green!

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